Quality and technical data

ISO 9001:2008

DIN EN 15090:2012 HI3 CI SRC F2A

Symbols / Category:

  • F2AComplies with all basic requirements of Type 2 and antistatic property
  • HI3Insulation against heat level 3 – 40 minutes of a sand-bath at 250 C
  • CICold insulation of sole complex
  • SRCSlip resistance type C
  • WRWater resistance of whole footwear
  • WRUWater penetration and water absorption
  • HROOutsole resistant to hot contact
  • FOOutsole resistant to fuel
  • EEnergy absorption of seat region
  • PPenetration resistant
  • AAntistatic property
  • Type 2All fire suppression and rescue interventions where protection against penetration and toe protection neded, no protection against chemical hazards
  • Class IShoes made of leather or other materials, excluding all-rubber or all-polymeric footwear

Cut protection classification (for footwear with resistance to chain saw cutting)

  • Level 1Chain speed 20 m/s
  • Level 2Chain speed 24 m/s
  • Level 3Chain speed 28 m/s

Compliance with the use of safety footwear in forestry work.
(Technical Forestry Department)


Definition of the pictograms


JADO® Ventilation system
Airing system with Micro-Dry inner lining in upper part of the boot providing good thermal insulation against cold and heat.

JADO® Zipper BLOCK system
Unique solution preventing the zipper to open.


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